Finance Wing

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Fin/24-25/2582-88 (Committee for Social Infrastructure Fund, FY 2024-25) Order
Fin./24-25/1984-88 (Various Proposals regarding purchase/hiring of service/repair submitted by different committees) Circular
Fin./24-25/1578-1677 (Instructions for seeking sanctions/approvals from the Finance Wing) Circular
Fin./24-25/1292-1300 (Self Financing Seat Fund & Infrastructure Fund) Order
Fin./24-25/1282-86 (Constitution of Committee for the day to day Purchase) Order
Fin./24-25/1145-54 (Constitution of the Telephone Allotment Committee, FY 2024-25) Order
Fin./24-25/1122-31 (Constitution of a sub-committee for purchase of Computers and its allied items, FY 2024-25) Order
Fin./24-25/1155-64 (Central Purchase Committee) Order
Fin./2024-25/1026-28 (Implementation of the revised tarrif rates of University Guest House) Order
Fin./24-25/457-556 (Proforma for Consolidated Local Fund) Circular
Fin/2024-25/218-317 (New Committees, 2024-25) Circular
Fin/2024-25/118-217 (Departmental Purchase Committees and Local Fund Committees) Circular
Fin./2024-25/01-99 (All Sanctions issued for purchase/construction work/ hiring of services) Order
Fin/2023-2024/10682-10781 (Proposals for purchase of Furniture items) Circular
Fin/2023-24/9295-9302 (Proposals in respect of the allocated budgetary provisions) Circular
Fin/2023-24/9303-10 (Prior approvals---DIQA Fund) Circular
Fin/2023-24 /8409-16 (Budgetary Provisions) Circular
F.Acd/I/23/11432-11441 (Revised Fee structure of Hostels) Notification
Accts/Cir/23/87-92 (Amendment of GFR rule 149 vide OM No. F. 1-26-2018-PPD 2019 by Finance Dept.) Circular
Fin.//23-24/4700-01 (Committee- Centralized Budget Head) Order , Corrigendum
Fin./2023-24/4530-38 (CAG Audit) Circular
Fin./2023-24/4326-32 (Proposal without GeM or without GST bills/ quotations) Circular
Fin./2023-24/3730-36 (CCTVs installation Committee Members) Order
Grants/2023-24/106-132 (No claim of HRA without NOC) Circular
Fin./2023-24/222-29(Committee members for the Installation of CCTVs, JU) Order
Fin./2023-24/860-68(Creation of Custom/BoQ bids for regular category on GeM) Circular
Fin./2023-24/851-59(Irregular procurement of works on GeM) Circular
Fin./23-24/133-232(Re-validation of all the ongoing sanctions issued by debit to internal Resources/ Local Funds of JU) Circular
Fin/23/8957-75 (Chartered Accountants for FY 2023-24 to 2024-25) Order
Fin.II/22-23/7659-7759 (Under-utilization of Budgetary Provisions) Circular
Fin./2022-23/7591-97(Asstt. Registrar Accounts, on account of Insurance payment) Order
Fin./2022-23/6682-89 (All the Proposals in respect of the allocated Budgetory Provisions) Circular
Fin./II/2022-23/7011-7110 (Allocations released to different Offices/ Departments/ Centres) Circular
Fin/2022-23/5385-91 (Clear long outstanding payments of suppliers) Circular
ITX/22-23/88-90(University of Horticultural Science-Financial Transactions) Circular
Fin./2022-23/3998-4004 (Committee Members for the repair as well as purchase of the spare parts) Order
Fin/2022-23/3263-67 (Value added courses) Order
Fin/2022-23/3268-73 (Expenditure on skilled based courses) Order
Fin/2022-23/3246-52 (Seed Grant for Research to Asstt. Professors) Order
Fin/2022-23/3253-57 (Support for continuation of UGC scheme for Merged Grant under 12th plan) Order
Fin./2022-23/2109-26 (Record Note of the CoS meeting, J&K UT) Circular
Fin./2022-23/2024-31(Members for Installation of the CCTVs in JU) Order
Fin./2022-23/1713-83 (Information for Heads/ Directors of the Departments for replacing Non-LED lamps with LED lamps) Order
Fin./2022-23/1475-83( Upload Payments on GeM Portals) Circular
Fin./2022-23/1174-80 (Order: Computers and its related items) Order
Grants/2022-23/51(Overhead grant, UOJRF Fund) Order
Fin./2022-23/86-92(Departmental Purchase Committees / Local Fund Committees) Circular
GPF/Adm/22/1965-1035(TDS, FY 2021-22) Order
Grants/2021-22/1385(Projects Bills) Circular
Fin./2021-22/9254-58(Performance Security by GOI) Order
Fin./2021-22/4761-4840 (Budgetary Provisions, FY 2021-22) Circular
Fin/2021-22/4543-49 (Rates of Liveries and Uniforms) Order
Fin/2021-22/4494-4501 (Ceiling limit of furniture items) Order
Fin/2021-22/4482-89 (Purchase of Telephone and Allied Accessories through GEM) Order
Fin/2021-22/4356-61 (Insurance Subscription Charges) Order
Fin/2021-22/2599-2605 (Empanelment of Chartered Accountant) Order , Order
Fin/2021-22/34-42 (Departmental Committees/ Local Fund Committees) Circular
No/itx/2020-21/108-10 (TDS) Circular
Fin/2020-21/6600-94 (Financial Powers) Circular
Fin/2020-21/4770-4869 (Proposals) Circular
Accounts/Salary/2021/2086-2168 (Submit pending documents for Income tax rebate) Circular
JR(F)/21/1280-1380 (CAO) Circular
Fin/2020-21/II/4314-54 (Utilize 100% of the allocations by 15th Feb., 2021) Circular
Fin/2020-21/4368-4467 (Performance security) Circular
Fin/2020-21/4163-71 (Procedure to be followed for the procurement under single tender enquiry) Circular
Fin/2020-21/2240-2300 (Seek prior approvals for travels) Circular
Fin/2020-21/II/2017-77 (Utilize 75% of the allocations) Circular
Fin/2019-20/8818-25 (Closure of Financial year 2019-20) Circular
Fin/2019-20/8806-13 (Rates of refilling of Fire Extinguishers) Order
Fin/2019-20/8747-51 (Rates for printing of Coffee Table Book) Circular
Fin/2019-20/8404-84 (Procurement through GeM Circular
Fin/2019-20/8048-88 (Purchase of Goods and Services as per GFR-2017 norms, GEM) Circular
Fin/2019-20/7914-22 (Repair of DP boxes) Order
Fin/2019-20/7946-54 (Printing and Binding) Order
Fin/2019-20/7478-81 (Rates of Tools and Implements) Order
Fin/2019-20/7484-87 (Rates of Grass turf. Annual Seeds/ Annual Seeding etc.) Order
Fin/2019-20/7488-91 (Rate of Good Earth FYM Carriage of Mulba) Order
Fin/2019-20/6729-36 (Furnish digital photographs of tents/ infrastructure) Circular
Fin/2019-20/6610-17 (Purchases of Identity Cards for employees & Students, Crockery Items, Flex Banner, Board and Name Plates, Curtains and Vertical/ Horizontal Blinds) Order
Fin/2019-20/6324-6364 (Implement SOP for effective purchases through GeM portal) Circular
Fin/2019-20/5988-96(Prior approval for organizing the events or others) Circular
Fin/2019-20/5839-47(Restricted use of Plastic Bottles in the events) Circular
Fin/2019-20/5424-33 (Repair of furniture) Order
Fin/2019-20/5415-23 (Rates of Liveries & Uniforms) Order
Fin/2019-20/4547-4627 (Depositing 85% overhead grants) Order
Fin/2019-20/4062-67 (Specification of the Desktop Computers) Order
Fin/2019-20/3118-23 (Insurance subscription charges) Order
Fin/2019-20/2549-56 (Resultion No. 85.11 passed by the 85th University Council) Notification
Fin/2019-20/665-72 (GFR-2017) Order
Fin/2019-20/414-94(Implementation of GFR-2017- Flow Chart) Circular
Fin/2019-20/157-64 (Proposals for constitution of Dept. Purchase Committee/ Local Fund Committees) Circular
Fin/2018-19/10087-93 (Addition of four more toners in existing list) Order
Fin/2018-19/8709-15 (Amended version of GFR-2017) Order
Fin/2018-19/8581-86 (Addition of two more toners) Order
Fin/2018-19/8387-8467 (Implementation of GFR-2017- Flow Chart) Circular
Fin/2018-19/8309-16 (Budget & Finance during closure of financial year 2018-19) Circular
Fin/2018-19/8277-84 (Accord of sanctions on account of Seminars/ Symposia/ Conferences in the University) Circular
Fin/2018-19/7421-24 (Website development) Order
Fin/2018-19/7384-90 (Rates of Vertical/ Horizontal Blinds) Order
Fin/2018-19/7404-11 (Modification in the GFR-2005 certificate) Order
Fin/2018-19/7533-40 (Purchase of Executives files & Teaching Accessories) Order
Fin/2018-19/7391-98 (Rates of repair of Water Purifier) Order
Fin/2018-19/7302-07 (Rates of Computer Accessories, SMF Batteries & Online UPS) Order
Fin/2018-19/7296-7301 (Approved rates of Liveries & Uniform) Order
Fin/2018-19/7209-69 (Implementation of General Financial Rule-2017 (GFR-2017)) Order
Fin/2018-19/7145-50 (Approved rates of Jacket (Khakhi)) Order
Fin/2018-19/6887-92 (Approved rates of Hot & Cold weather items) Order
Fin/2018-19/6541-47 (Processing of Purchase Proposals) Circular
Fin/2018-19/6444-51 (Purchase of Local Furniture) Order
Fin/2018-19/6413-20 (Purchase of curtains & their stitching charges) Order
Fin/2018-19/6391-98 (Purchase of Fire extinguisher & Refilling) Order
Fin/2018-19/6383-90 (Printing of Flex banners) Order
Fin/2018-19/6370-77 (Rates of stationery) Order
Fin/2017-18/7241-49 (Rates for the purchase of Curtains) Order
Fin/2018-19/6310-17 (Purchase of Telephone and Allied Accessories) Order
Fin/2018-19/6332-39 (Amended version of GFR-2005 certificates) Order
Fin/2018-19/6318-25 (Purchase of Identity Cards of the Employees) Order
Fin/2018-19/6258-65 (Rates of Water Purifier make Kent Ultra & Kent Ultra Storage) Order
Fin/2018-19/6247-54 (Sub committee for survey of Liveries & Uniform) Order
Fin/2018-19/6077-83 (Rates of Inverters & Batteries (Luminous brand)) Order
Fin/2018-19/6035-41 (Sub committee for survey of Hot & Cold Weather Items) Order
Fin/2018-19/5714-22 (Purchase of Photocopier & Fax Machines) Order
Fin/2018-19/5774-81 (Purchase of branded furniture items) Order
Fin/2018-19/5454-67 (Committee for installation of CCTV) Order
Fin/2018-19/5446-53 (Rates of Printing Papers & Photostat Paper) Order
Fin/2017-18/6067-75 (Austerity Measures in Govt. spending) Circular
Fin/2018-19/4904-07 (Rates of different sizes of Envelopes cloth lined/ without cloth lined) Order
Fin/2018-19/4367-75 (Bills/ Performa invoices having GST/ TIN No) Circular
Fin/2017-18/4100-08 (Purchase 7 installations of CCTV's) Order
Fin/2018-19/4078-85 (Deputation of Research Scholars/ JRF/ SRF and other Project personnels) Circular
Fin/2017-18/2978-84 (Renewal of MOU with HP through M/s Hewlett Packard India Sales Ltd.) Order
Fin/2018-19/302-78 (Information for Heads of the Departments/ Director/ Branch Officers) Circular
Fin/2018-19/379-458 (Information for Heads of the Departments/ Director/ Branch Officers) Circular
Fin/2018-19/120-200 (Chartered Accountants for two years) Order
Fin/2018-19/17-97 (Constitution of Departmental Purchase Committees/ Local Fund Committees) Circular
Fin/2017-18/10552-59 (Rates of CCTV Cameras and related Accessories) Order
Fin/2017-18/4028-36 (Rates of File Cover (Superior type)) Order
Fin/2017-18/4004-12 (Rates of Almirah Steel Glass Face) Order
Fin/2017-18/9142-49 (Purchases of Alkon/ Alkosign/ Eslee's Files & Folders/ Staedtlers Products) Order
Fin/2017-18/9074-81 (Rates for the purchase of flex banner, board and name plates) Order
Fin/2017-18/9057-64 (Rates for the purchase of Stationery Items) Order
in/2017-18/7907-11 (Implementation of ERP) Order
Fin/2017-18/II/7266-73 (Revenue Account (Non-Plan)) Circular
Fin/2017-18/7250-58 (Rates for the purchase of Water Purifier) Order
Fin/2017-18/7223-31 (Rates for the purchase of Local Furniture) Order
Fin/2017-18/7232-40 (Rates for the purchase of Hot & Cold weather Items) Order
Fin/2017-18/6946-53 (Rates of Fire Extinguishers) Order
Fin/2017-18/6967-74 (Rates of Vertical Blinds) Order
Fin/2017-18/6920-28 (Rates of Printing & Binding) Order
Fin/2017-18/6434-40 (United India Assurance Company Ltd. - Student Insurance) Order
Fin/2017-18/II/6239-46 (Revenue Account) Circular
Fin/2017-18/6025-27 (Internet & Networking Committee) Order
Fin/2017-18/5726-32 (Rates for Telephone & Allied Accessories) Order
Fin/2017-18/5719-25 (Rates for repair of Water Purifier) Order
Fin/2017-18/5712-18 (Rates of Liveries & Uniforms) Order
Fin/2017-18/4435-4515 (Reduced/ revised rates of cartidge/ tonners) Order
Fin/2017-18/6954-63 (Rates of Refilling of Fire Extinguishers) Order