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Estab/21/20687-98 (Chances for appearing in the Computer Test) Order
HCUJ/21/314 (Vaccination Camp) Circular
Estab/21/20559-658 (HLTC/ LTC) Circular
HCUJ/21/2001-203 (Vaccination Status) Circular
PA/Reg/21/954-75 (Rectors/ Directors of offsite campuses) Order
PA/Reg/21/925-54 (Adherence to guidelines/ SOPs COVID-19) Order
Adm/TW/21/1901-49 (Prof. Reenu Nanda) Order
PA/REG/21/848-917 (Visit of Hon'ble Chancellor) Circular
Coord/Cir/21/1266-1365 (87th meeting of the University Council) Circular
Estab/21/9703-9802 (Sh. Suresh Sharma) Circular
Adm/TW/21/1786-1835 (Dr. Amit Sharma) Order
Estab/21/9100-9199 (Character and Antecedents from CID) Circular
Estab/21/8865-964 (ABN Personnel Network Agency) Circular
Adm/TW/21/1713-62 (Remuneration/ Honorarium) Circular
Adm/TW/21/1569-1618 (Prof. Baljit Singh Mann) Order
Adm/TW/21/1373-1422 (Dr. Karuna Thakur) Order
Adm/TW/21/1423-72 (Prof. Aroon Sharma) Order
Adm/TW/21/1473-1522 (Prof. Md. Tajuddin) Order
No/Coord/Cir/21/1039-1138 (Final reminder :117th Meeting of the University Syndicate) Circular
Coord/Cir/21/1039-1138 (117th Meeting of the University Syndicate) Circular
Estab/21/7464-563 (No post facto sanction of leave) Circular
Coord/Nom/Special_Invt/21/938-1037 (Mr. Suresh Gupta, IFS) Notification
Estab/21/7360-87 (Not joined the new posting/adjustment) Circular
Estab/21/6986-92 (DA Pensioners) Order
Estab/21/6996-7013 (Promotions) Order