Request for Research Papers on different verticals of Swachh Bharat Mission (Grameen)Phase-II.

Institutional Ethical Committee Minutes (29.05.2024)

Committee for University Research Scholarship 12.06.2024

Minutes of meeting of Article Processing Committee held on 01.04.2024

DRS/24/1463-1513 Dated 11.06.2024 Circular(UoJRF Fee)

RA/24/1393-1400 Dated 06.06.2024 DRC(Geography)

Policy regarding permission for pursuing part-time research work by the college faculty members(Higher Education Deptt.) 2024

RA/24/1305-1314 Dated 29.05.2024 DRC(Biotechnology)

RA/24/1120-30 Dated 21.05.2024 DRC(Library Science)

DRS/24/1189-1229 Dated 24.05.2024 Reminder -Vacancies for Ph.D Admissions.

DRS/24/980-1029 Dated 17.05.2024 Circular(Statutes)-Clarifications

RA/24/1030-33 Dated 17.05.2024 Reminder

RA/24/874-84 Dated 14.05.2024 DRC(Remote Sensing & GIS)

RA/24/885-94 Dated 14.05.2024 DRC(Statistics)

RA/24/895-905 Dated 14.05.2024 DRC(Geology)

RA/24/791-800 Dated 09.05.2024 DRC(TBS)

RA/24/842-52 Dated 09.05.2024 DRC(Physics)

RA/24/812-22 Dated 09.05.2024 DRC(DSRS)

RA/24/801-11 Dated 09.05.2024 DRC(Sociology)

RA/24/519-569 Dated 01.05.2024 Circular(Ethical Cases)

DRS/24/468-518 Dated 01.05.2024 Circular(RAC/DRC)

Statutes  for Ph.D 2024

DRS/24/97-147 Dated 04.04.2024 Circular(Projects)

DRS/24/148-198 Dated 04.04.2024 Circular(Proforma for submission of Research Projects).

DRS/24/5824-5878 Dated 06.02.2024 Circular(Projects).

Extension of date for submission of applications for PhD. programme under exempted category session 2023.

RA/23/2461-2510 (Research Appellate Committee (RAC) and Research Grievances Committee (RGC))

RA/23/2410-2460 (Centralized Research Admission Committee (CRAC))

Two days photo/poster gallery under the theme "Chandrayaan Yatra" in the Deptt. of Physics.

One day Scientific & Technical  Outreach Programme by Bhabha Atomic Research Institute, Mumbai.

Department Research Project Monitoring Committee(DRPMC)

Six monthly progress report of all seed money projects.

RA/20/7209-58 Dated 24.08.2020 (Research and Publication Ethics: Course Work)