Programme Outcomes


After completion of the MBA (International Business) Programme, the students shall be able:

1. To develop knowledge, skills and competencies that meet the needs of contemporary business organizations to function effectively across global organizations as future leaders.

2. To think from a global perspective and develop an inclusive orientation towards people, work and organizations by creating synergistic solutions for business and society at large.

3. To become responsive to contextual social issues / problems and thereby contribute towards the society by exploring solutions, developing ethical standards and integrity, and resolving ethical issues that resonate with the underlying purpose of contemporary organizations and businesses.

4. To showcase cultural diversity and emotional intelligence in organizations by acknowledging, embracing and appreciating differences.

5. To practice reflective learning by examining one’s own actions and determining outcome based initiatives that drive both personal as well as professional growth and development of self and others.

6. To demonstrate curiosity, enthusiasm and commitment to engage in lifelong learning and adapt to meet the needs of the dynamic global business scenario with a global mindset.

7. To display an ability for community engagement, outreach & social responsiveness and address environmental& economic concerns by providing inclusive and sustainable solutions.

8. To exhibit critical problem solving, innovative thinking and decision making skills based upon objectivity and rationality towards achieving the organizations goals and aligning with its vision.

9. To nurture an entrepreneurial orientation that facilitates leveraging upon managerial and leadership skills towards ideation, establishment, leading and managing startups and entrepreneurial ventures.



After completion of the MBA (International Business) Programme, the students shall be able:

1. To develop a comprehensive understanding of globalization and its impact upon business functioning, people, workplaces, technology and economies that can facilitate in shaping rewarding careers in the domain of international business.

2. To develop competent professionals capable of functioning in the dynamic global business ecosystem and contributing towards the same.

3. To become sensitive to cross cultural differences and similarities to successfully navigate intercultural business scenarios.

4. To become acquainted with the core of international business functioning with respect to management, HR, marketing, financial management, cross cultural and diversity management, accounting, corporate governance and social responsibility, sustainability, entrepreneurship and supply chain management.

5. To leverage upon the knowledge, skills and competencies learnt during the programme that exhibits a global mindset and leadership in context and actions.

Name Designation Qualification Specialization Contact Info.
Prof. Hardeep Chahal DIRECTOR M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D Marketing Management, Services management, Brand Management E-mail:; drhardeepchahal@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419192877
Dr. Pallvi Arora (on Leave) Assistant Professor MBA; Ph.D (Management); NET –JRF Human Resource Management, OB, Cross-Cultural Management & Marketing. E-mail: pallvi.arora12@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9622370071
Dr. Isha Sharma Assistant Professor MBA, NET, Ph.D. (Management) Human Resource Development, OB & Strategic Management E-mail: Mobile No.: 9596639967
Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh Lecturer MBA, Ph.D. (Management) Financial Management and Marketing E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419149541
Dr. Shivani Rana Lecturer MBA, Ph.D. (Management) Human Resource Management and Marketing E-mail: 2701shivani@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9797020020
Dr. Neha Gupta Lecturer MBA, Ph.D. (Management) Human Resource Management and Financial Management E-mail: neha28gupta2000@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9469200000
Dr. Swati Sharma Lecturer PhD, MBA Marketing and Human Resource Management E-mail: swati324@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419115144
Dr. Parul Mahajan Lecturer PhD, MBA HRM, Marketing E-mail: parulmahajan2911@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419719189