Course Outcomes


                                     COURSE OUTCOMES FOR P.G HINDI PROGRAMME

                                                 M.A HINDI 1ST SEMESTER

Title - Bhartiya Kavya Shastra       

  Course no. PSHITC101     

     Credits -06


This paper aims to enable the students to understand the basic principles of Indian  poetics and ability to think about the development of Indian poetics.


Title - Hindi Sahitya Ka Itihas ( upto Reetikaal )     

 Course no. PSHITC 102

    Credits -06

To provide the knowledge of history of different periods on Hindi literature (upto Reetikaal) to the students and ability to Understand the development of Hindi literature of Aadikaal,Bhaktikaal and Reetikaal.


Title - Prachin evam Bhakti kavya        

Course no. PSHITC103    

Credits -06

Studying these poems provides insights into the rich cultural and historical heritage of India. It allows students to connect with their roots and understand the social values, beliefs, and traditions of earlier times . Many of these poems convey moral and spiritual messages. They can inspire students to reflect on ethical and spiritual aspects of life.

Title - Reetikaleen Kavya           

Courseno. PSHITC104

 Credits -06

This course allows students to explore and understand the socio - cultural dynamics, issues, and sentiments of contemporary India through Reetikaalen poetry . Analysing contemporary poetry encourages critical thinking and interpretation enhancing student's analytical skills. It enriches their language skills, critical thinking and cultural awareness, while also offering research opportunities.


                                            M.A HINDI 2ND SEMESTER

Title -Paschatya Kavya Shastra

 Course no. PSHITC 201

    Credits -06

This paper aims to enable the students to understand the basic principles of Western theory of literature. It introduces students to different literary traditions, genres and techniques from the Western world enriching their understanding of literature as a whole learning about Western poetics can inspire students to experiment with new forms and styles in their own Hindi poetry.


Title -Hindi sahitya ka itihas:Adhunik kaal

 Course no. PSHITC202    

  Credits -06


To provide the students the knowledge of history, New trends and tendencies of Hindi literature.

Title- Swatantrata purav Hindi kavita

 Course no. PSHITC203    

 Credits -06

It provides insight into the cultural and historical context of india during the freedom struggle, helping students understand the Socio- Political background of that era. It offers a unique perspective on india's struggle for independence allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of the nation's history


Title- Swatantrayottar Hindi kavita

Course no.PSHITC204   

 Credits -06

It offers insights into the Post -independence era, helping students understand the social, political and cultural changes that occurred in india  for gaining freedom.It contributes to a deeper understanding of the cultural and artistic expression of Post - independence india. It provides historical, context social commentary, Literary analysis opportunities and contemporary relevance, enriching their knowledge and critical thinking abilities in the field of Hindi literature and Indian students


                                              M.A HINDI 3RD SEMESTER


 Bhasha Vigyan

Course no.PSHITC301

Credits- 05

This course is designed to impart the knowledge of various theoritical aspects of linguistic such as phonology, Morphology of Hindi language. 


Title- Hindi katha sahitya 

 Course no.PSHITC 302     

 Credits- 05            

This course is to unable the students to understand the various aspects of socio-cultural diversity through its literature.


   Title- Hindi Nibandh Aur Aalochna

   Course no.PSHITC 303

   Credits- 05


This course encourage students to express their thoughts, ideas and opinion effectively in Hindi enhancing their communication skills, critique involves analysing and evaluating literary works, fostering critical thinking and analytical abilities. Writing essay on various topics in Hindi can provide insight into Indian culture, history and social issues.


Title:- Bhartiya Sahitya

Course no.PSHITC 304 

  Credits- 05


This course provides insight into the rich cultural and historical heritage of india, helping students better understand their own culture and traditions. Reading Indian literature enhance vocabulary and comprehensive skills in Hindi, as it often includes complex and diverse language styles. Many writers of Indian literature explore moral and ethical dilemmas which can help students to develop a sense of values and ethics. Analyzing and interpreting Indian literature encourage critical thinking and the development of analytical skills. It helps students connect with their cultural roots, fostering a sense of identity and belonging. Bhartiya sahitya plays a vital role in the holistic development of students, offering them a deeper understanding of their language culture and literature.


Title:- Hindi Sahitya Samanya Parichye 

Course no.PSHITO305

 Credits- 04

It can foster a deeper appreciation of Hindi literature and it's cultural significance that can also help in gaining insights into Indian culture, history and social values.


                              M.A HINDI 4TH SEMESTER


Title- Hindi Natak evam Rangmanch.

Course no. PSHITC401 

This course helps candidates improve their Hindi language skills, including vocabulary, grammer and pronunciation plays often explore complex themes and literary techniques. Theater is a reflection of society and culture. Hindi Natak and rangmanch provide insights into Indian culture, traditions, and social issues, which is relevant for candidates studying Hindi literature and language acting in plays or writing scripts fosters can develop the ability to convey emotions and ideas effectively, which is valuable in exams and daily life. Participating in theater build confidence and encourages creative thinking. This course can be a valuable to candidates, helping them improve language skills, gain cultural insights and develop valuable life skill.


Title- Kathakar Pramchand

Course no.PSHIC402

Credits- 05


Premchand's stories/Novel often explore social and cultural issues in india. Studing his works can provide candidates with valuable insights into indian culture and history, engaging with his works can encourage critical thinking and ability to analyse and discuss such Issues studying premchand works can foster love for literature and reading, which is a valuable life long skills. Premchand's works can be highly beneficial for students, as it can enhance their language skills, cultural awareness and analytics abilities.


Title- Lambi Kavita Avam Hindi Gazal

Course no. PSHITC403 

Credits- 05

Reading and analazing lengthy poems and gazal  can enhance command over the Hindi language, vocabulary, grammers and syntax. Studying these forms of literature helps candidates develop critical thinking and analytical skills, which are proves for understanding and interpreting literary texts. Hindi Kavita and gazal often contain cultural and historical  understanding.



Course no.PSHITC404

Credits- 05

It helps candidiates improve their language proficiency.It builds bridges between cultures. It opens up diverse career opportunities in fields such as journalism, content writing, translation and media.Studying mass communication allows candidates to explore various media channels, for print to digital, broading their knowledge and skills. It enhances candidates communication skills, which are essential in both journalism and translation. 'Jansanchar Avam Anuvaad 'can provide a strong foundation for candidiates interested in pursuing career related to hindi language, media and communication.



Course no.PSHITO405  

Credits- 04

This course is likely to provide a deep and comprehensive understanding of hindi literature which can be valuable for those pursuing careers or research in hindi fields related to hindi language liturature, culture or education. It can also enhance their knowledge and appreciation of hindi literary works which may be relevant in various professionals contacts. However the specific benefits will depend on the individuals career goal and interests.


Name Designation Qualification Specialization Contact Info.
Prof. Rajni Bala Professor & Head Ph. D. Ajneya Sahitya, Lambi Kavita E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419106436 , 9622865436
Dr. Parshotam Kumar Assistant Professor Ph. D. Hindi Upanyas E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419104386
Dr. Bandana Thakur Assistant Professor MA, M.Phill, Ph.D Hindi Drama E-mail: thakurbandana469@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 7006721954
Dr. Bhagwati Devi Assistant Professor PH.D Hindi Literature E-mail: drbhagwativ@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 7051894197
Dr. Koshika Sharma Assistant Professor Ph.D Hindi Literature E-mail: sharmakoshika78@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 7889583970