Committees of the Syndicate

The Syndicate shall have its Standing Finance Committee for regulating and controlling its finances. It shall consist of the following :-

  • The Vice-Chancellor;
  • The Pro-Vice-Chancellor;
  • The Financial Advisor;
  • The Educational Advisor to the Government or the officer designated by the Government to be incharge of Higher Education
  • Two members of the Syndicate nominated by the Syndicate; and
  • The Registrar 

The nominated members of the Committee shall hold office for a period of three years.

Powers & Functions :- 

  • To examine the annual budget consolidated by the Registrar and endorsed by the Financial Advisor and to advise the Syndicate thereon;
  • To review the financial position periodically;
  • To devise means for the improvement of the financial position of the University.
  • To examine every proposal of new expenditure not provided for int he budget;
  • To perform such other functions as the Syndicate may, from time to time.