Academic Council

It is the principal decision making body for all academic matters and approving agency for courses of study, curriculum development, system of examination and research programmes. Academic Council for the triennial period 2009-12 is under process of constitution.

Academic Council for the triennial period 2009-12

  1. Vice-Chancellor

Deans of Faculties of The University of Jammu :- 

  1. Dean, Faculty of Science 
  2. Dean, Faculty of Law 
  3. Dean, Faculty of Business Studies 
  4. Dean, Faculty of Education
  5. Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences 
  6. Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences 
  7. Dean, Faculty of Arts 
  8. Dean, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences 
  9. Dean, Faculty of Medical Sciences 
  10. Dean, Faculty of Engineering. 
  11. Dean, Faculty of Music & Fine Arts 

Heads of Departments of University :- 

  1.  Head, Department of Zoology
  2.  Head, Department of Botany
  3.  Head, Department of Geology
  4.  Head, Department of Chemistry
  5.  Head, Department of Mathematics
  6.  Head, Department of Physics & Electronics
  7.  Head, Department of Computer Science
  8.  Head, Department of Geography
  9.  Head, Department of Statistics
  10.  Head, Department of Home Science
  11.  Head, Department of Environmental Science
  12.  Director, Department of Bio-Technology
  13.  Head, Department of History
  14.  Head, Department of Economics
  15.  Head, Department of Political Science
  16.  Head, Department of Library Science
  17.  Head, Department of Sociology
  18.  Head, Department of Law
  19.  Head, Department of Commerce
  20.  Head, Department of Education
  21.  Head, Department of Dogri
  22.  Head, Department of English
  23.  Head, Department of Hindi
  24.  Head, Department of Punjabi
  25.  Head, Department of Sanskrit
  26.  Head, Department of Urdu
  27.  Head, Department of Buddhist Studies
  28.  Director, School of Hospitality & Tourism Management
  29.  Head, Department of Psychology
  30.  Head, Department of Strategic & Regional Studies
  31.  Director, The Law School
  32.  Head, Department of Physical Education
  33. Director, The Business School

Six Principals of Affiliated/Constituent Colleges Nominated By The Vice--Chancellor :- 

  1. The Principal, Govt. SPMR College of Commerce, Jammu
  2. The Principal, Govt. Degree College for Women, Udhampur
  3. The Principal, Govt. Medical College, Jammu
  4. The Principal, GCET, Jammu
  5. The Principal, Govt. Degree College, Doda
  6. The Principal, Govt. Degree College, Rajouri.

Four College Professors Nominated By The Vice-Chancellor :- 

  1. HOD Philosophy, Govt. College for Women, Parade Ground, Jammu
  2. HOD Sericulture, Govt. Degree College for Boys, Udhampur
  3. HOD Music, Govt. Degree College for Women, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu
  4. HOD Persian, Govt. Degree College, Bhaderwah

Deans of Faculties of Kashmir :-

  1. Dean, Faculty of Arts
  2. Dean, Faculty of Science
  3. Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
  4. Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies
  5. Dean, Faculty of Education
  6. Dean, Faculty of Law
  7. Dean, Faculty of Oriental Learning
  8. Dean, Faculty of Engineering
  9. Dean, Faculty of Medicine
  10. Dean, Faculty of Music & Fine Arts
  11. Dean, Faculty of Dentistry

Five Persons are to be co-opted by The Academic Council (To be nominated later)