Library Rules

Terms and conditions(2023-24) for Purchasing

List of Empanelled Vendors for Books 

List of Empanelled Vendors for Journals/Periodicals

Rules for Private Members

Rules for Weeding of Books

Plagiarism Rules

DAIP and IAIP Committees for Plagiarism as per UGC Regulations 2018

Rules for the Use of Property Counter


 Rules Related to the Circulation of the Books 


i) Rs.10/day – For first 10 days

ii) Rs.10/day – Next 20 days

iii) Rs.20/day – Beyond 20 days (not exceeding cost of book + 10% and any penalty imposed by the library). The overdue charges in all cases shall be calculated from the date on which the book/s should have been returned. Provided that in no case, shall the overdue charge exceeding the cost of the book/s plus 10% and any penalty which may be imposed by the Librarian according to the nature of the book/s.


In addition to the price of a book, 10% of the price may be charged from a person who having borrowed a University book fails to return it. Provided that for all such documents for which the price record is not available in the Accession Register/other bibliographic sources, a lump sum amount will be charged from the Library users at the following rates:-

i. Books pertaining to Science @Rs. 750/- per document.

ii. Books pertaining to Social Sciences @ Rs. 500/- per document.

iii) Books pertaining to Humanities @ Rs. 300/- per document. This amount be increased @ 10% after every financial     year. The amount thus collected will be deposited in the local fund of the library.

General Library Rules

  1. Strict silence, decorum and discipline must be maintained in the library.
  2. Every member must sign the register available at the entrance.
  3. Students have to bear the Identity Card for entering the Library.
  4. Users should not deface, cut, mutilate or damage Library materials (including documents) in any form. If found guilty User will be charged double the cost of that particular material.
  5. Newspapers and Magazines must be read only in the library on specific tables and should not be taken to any other reading areas.
  6. Eatables/bags/Etc. in the library will not be allowed.
  7. The library card is not transferable and its loss must immediately be reported to the library. User will be held responsible for misuse of his/her library card. Any change of address may please be intimated to the Library in written. For misplaced, un-priced, gratis publications, rate as approved by Library Committee will be applicable.
  8. Members are free to browse the books in the Library and the books taken out of the shelves should be left on the reading tables.
  9. Journals (unbound issues)/Reference Books/ Reports will not be issued from the library.
  10. No circulation will take place from the Reference Library.
  11. Photocopy of Articles or Book chapters up to 20 pages from single Book is allowed in the Library on payment basis (Rs. 1.00 per copy).
  12. Defaulters, in case of delay after the permissible period of loan, the defaulters’ will not be issued any publication till they clear the past account of the Library.