Sections and Services

  1. Circulation Section: Circulation Desk is located near the main entrance of the Dhanvantri Library with installation of Self-service LSmart RFID Library Self checkout KIOSKS and LSmart –RFID Book drop Facility which allows patrons to browse Library Catalogue and Check their account status using a touch screen version of LSOpac software having a user-friendly interface integrated with LIBSYS software.circulationsection.pdf 

  2. Acquisition Section/Technical Section: The section procures all the bills along with the books as per the terms and conditions settled for the respective financial year for verification of the prices and bibliographic details for pass and payment to the vendors. The books are accessioned manually and afterwards the computerised accessioning of the books is done using Libsys software.AcquitionandTechnicalSection.pdf 

  3. Periodical Section/Browsing Section: The Periodicals Section of Dhanvantri Library supports the teaching and research mission of the University by providing public assistance, access, storage, maintenance, and management of periodicals collection.
    Journals, magazines, newspapers, vertical file materials such as newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and other ephemeral materials are available in this section.
    Collection in this section is restricted to room use only. However, back issues may be borrowed for home use upon request and approval by the librarian-incharge. Periodicalsection.pdf

  4. Reference and Research Section:  Reference and Research Section is located on the Second floor of “Dhanvantri Library” and has a good reference collection consisting of various encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, yearbooks, atlases, biographies, etc. of national and international coverage. Section provides access to Sati Sahni Books, Comrade Dhanvantri Mahay Books, IRC Books and Rare Books.
    Ph.D. Theses and M.Phil. Dissertations of the University are received and maintained by
    this section which can be searched through OPAC and referred. 
    Local and national current Newspapers (13) reading facility to Students, Research
    Scholars and Faculty is provided in the section. The Reference and Research Section provides access to Backfiles of some local newspapers.ReferenceSection.pdf

  5. Internet/INFLIBNET Section: This Section provides

    i. Internet Facility to all Users including Research Scholars, Faculty members and Students.
    ii. Plagiarism Checking of Theses/Synopsis/Dissertations/Abstracts/Research Papers/Publications.
    Uploading of Ph. D. Thesis on Shodhganga is done by this section.                                              iv. E-content creation and IT Infrastructure building.
    v. LIBSYS and OPAC Services to all Sections of Dhnavantri Library and other departmental Libraries.  
    vi. Access to e-journals                                                                                                                               
    vii. Maintenance and Management of Web Portal.

    viii. Organizing of User Awareness cum Training Sessions.                                                              ix. Social Media Handling. 

    x. Database Management. 

    xi. LED Display Panel.  
    xii. Creation of User accounts of Faculty members in order to facilitate them in checking their documents for plagiarism checking.

    xiii. Creation and Updation of Faculty members Profiles on  IRINS Database. InflibnetandITsection.pdf


  6. Stack Area:  Stack-1 is located on the First floor of Dhanvantri Library and stacks all printed books on:-
    i. Generalities (Computer Science,Lib. & Inf. Science)
    ii. Philosophy & RelatedDisciplines (Psychology)
    iii. Religion
    iv. Social Sciences (Statistics,Political Science, Economics,Public Administration, Education, Commerce)
    v. Pure Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Life Science, Botany, Zoology)
    vi. Technology (Applied Sciences)
    vii. The Arts
    viii. General Geography, Biography & History
    All the books in the Stack-1 are tagged with RFID tags and any kind of theft is also being prevented with the installation of RFID Security Gates.                                                                        Stack 2 : Stack-2 is located on the Third floor of Dhanvantri Library and has a collection of about pertaining to following disciplines:-
    i. Law
    ii. Management
    iii. Languages
    iv. Literature              StackArea.pdf  

  7. Jammu and Kashmir Section:  The Jammu & Kashmir Section is one of important section of Dhanvantri Library and is located in the Stack-1 area on the First floor of Dhanvantri Library. The holdings of the section include the reading material published exclusively on Jammu and Kashmir State. The books and other material of the section pertains to:-

    i. History of Jammu and Kashmir
    ii. Politics of J&K
    iii. J&K Laws
    iv. J&K Painting                                                                                                                                          JKsection.pdf  

  8. Textbook Section: Textbook Section is located on the First floor of “Dhanvantri Library” and houses a rich collection of text books relevant to the courses being taught in the University. The textbooks has been organised in the Almirahs subject-wise following the Dewey Decimal System of classification.TextbookSection.pdf