FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Who can be a Member of the Library?

Ans. Students Enrolled in the Departments of University of Jammu, Teaching and Non Teaching Staff, Private members and DD&OE

  1. When is the Library Open?

Ans. 9:30-5:00PM (Two Reading Halls remain open till 12:00 Midnight)

  1. How Many Books can be borrowed by the Members?

Ans.  i. Students-                          02 Books for 2 weeks

         ii. Teaching Staff-                  10 books for 1 Month

         iii. Non Teaching/Officers-  02 Books for 1 Month

         iv. Research Scholars-           05 Books for 2 weeks

  1. Can I borrow Journals for overnight or for a short period?

Ans. No, Journals are not meant to be issued to any User. Journals are only for Reading in the Library

  1. Can I suggest a purchase of book for Library Collection?

Ans. Yes, you can suggest Books for Purchasing

  1. Can I take a Xerox copy of reading materials or personal book into the Reading Hall?

Ans. Yes

  1. Can I renew the issued book in my name for one more fortnight?

Ans. Yes, you can renew the issued book only if the book is not reserved by any other User

  1. How do I contact Librarian?

Ans. Contact from Library Helpdesk available on Dhanvantri Library Web Portal

  1. How do I find my required Book/Document?

Ans. By using Library’s OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) available on Library’s web Portal

  1. How do I find E-Books?

Ans. Please visit Dhanvantri Library’s web portal, there you find number of e-books in our E-Library.

  1. How do I find E-Journals?

Ans. A-Z list of E-Journals is available on Dhanvantri Library’s Web Portal.

12. Where my Grievances can be addressed pertaining to Library issues.

Ans. On Dhanvantri Library's Helpdesk available on Library’s web Portal