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DRS/JU/22/1349-1420(Instructions for Viva-Voce of Ph.D examination) Notification
Adm/TW/22/1163-1212 (Prof. Arun Bharti, Department of Physics as HOD) Order
Estab./22/6500-6599(Agreement between ABN Personnel Network and JU: Extended) Circular
Estab/22/6006-6105 (Dr. Imran Farooq, Public Relations Officer, GZSAC) Order
Estab./22/5690-5789 (Dr. Garima Gupta, Asstt. Professor, Deptt. of English : Coordinator in Deptt. of Journalism & Media Studies) Order
Estab./22/5590-5689 (Prof. Satya Paul, Deptt. of Chemistry) Order
Estab/22/5906-6005 (Professor Lalit Sen, Deptt. of Computer Science & IT : Provost Boys Hostels) Order
Estab/22/5806-5905( Sh. Sanjeev Mahajan, JR Finance : Controller of Examinations, JU) Order
Estab/22/6149-6248(Leave forms along with Form 4 and Form 5 for all JU Employees) Circular
JU/DSW/22/1213-60 (Workshop only for the wards of the employees of JU) Circular
JU/DSW/22/1261-1308 (feedback from participated students, Suchetgarh Border) Circular
Adm/TW/2022/932-90(Last date extended regarding Professorship, Academic Level-15) Circular
Estab/22/5158-5257(Prof. Neelu Rohmetra as the Director of D.D.E) Order
Estab/22/4585-93(Order: Transfer/Adjustment) Order
Adm/TW/2022/672-722 (Circular for Faculty members, JU) Circular
Adm/TW/22/551-600(Prof. Gurjeet Kaur, Department of Commerce) Order
Adm/Tw /22/601-49(Prof. Bijender Kumar, School of Biotechnology) Order
JU/IA/22/100-250 (Most Urgent: Audit on Working of Jammu University) Circular
1st AA/22/40-118 (Circular: Information related to RTI applications) Circular
Adm/TW/2022/365-414(Last date extended, Professorship Academic Level-15 under CAS) Order , Proforma
Adm/TW/22/310-60(Superannuation of Professors) Order , NOC Proforma
Estab/22/2912-61(Adjustment/transfer of non-teaching staff) Order
Estab/22/2972-84(Adjustment/Transfer, JU Non-teaching staff) Order
Estab./22/2622-2721(Grievances Redressal Cell for Non-Teaching Employees) Order
Estab./22/2509-14 (Prof. S.K Pandey and Prof. Rahul Gupta) Order