JU organises an awareness session on drug awareness for hostel boarders

Jambu Lochan Boys Hostel, University of Jammu, today hosted an informative and interactive session on drug awareness and control. Shri Ajay Sharma, SP South, Jammu & Kashmir Police, led the session. Prof. Lalitsen Sharma, Provost Hostels (Boys), guided this insightful event with support from Dr. Satyapriya and Dr. Nitan Sharma, the warden and resident warden, respectively.

The goal of the session was to arm students with the information and tools they need to resist peer pressure and make wise drug-related decisions.

7887In this address, Shri Ajay Sharma emphasised the importance of educating students about the dangers of drug use and promoting healthy, drug-free lifestyles.  Recognising the complex and multifaceted nature of the drug crisis, the resource person suggested a strategy that encompassed prevention, education, treatment, and enforcement for reducing drug abuse and its devastating impacts on individuals, families, and the community at large.

A highlight of the event was a motivational interaction by Shri Ajay Sharma, who inspired the students to focus on their careers and personal goals, emphasising the importance of making healthy choices that support long-term success. He opined that social change can only occur at the grassroots level when the youth of today are self-driven, focused, and balanced in their life pursuits. 

The event was well-received by the students and expressed gratitude for the valuable information and support provided.