Dates of Various Examinations


S.No Name of the Examination Annual Bi-Annual Supplementary
1. B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. 3 Year (General) Programme March-April or May every year October/November every year
2. B.B.A. March-April October/November
3. B. Ed. August November/December
4. B. Lib. As per Statutes  
5. Ll. B (Acd.)
I & III Term Examinations
II & IV Term Examinations
2nd week of February every year 2nd week of August every year Re-appear category To be fixed by the Director, Directorate of Distance Education under an intimation to the Controller of Examinations.
6. M.B.B.S. As per Statutes  
7. B.A. & M.S.
i) Pre-Professional examination
ii) First, Second & Third Professional examinations
1st May 7th May 1st November 7th November
8. Bachelor of Engineering As per Statutes  
9. M.A./M.Sc./M.Com.
Ist & IIIrd Semester
IInd & IVth Semester
10. M. Ed.
Ist Semester
IInd Semester
1st/2nd week of December
1st/2nd week of May
11. L.L.M. As per Statutes  
12. M.D./M.S. As per Statutes  
13. M.B.A.
Ist & IIIrd Semester
IInd & IVth Semester
14. M.C.A.
I, II & V Semester
II, IV & VI Semester
15. M. Lib. As per Statutes  
16. M. Phil. As per Statutes  
17. Pre-Ph. D. As per Statutes  
18. P.G Diploma Programme in Business Management As per Statutes  
19. P.G. Diploma Programme in Marketing
Management & Sales Management
Ist Semester
IInd Semester
20. P.G. Diploma Programme in Office Management & Secretarial Practice As per Statutes  
21. P.G.D.C.A. As per Statutes  
22. P.G.D.C. in Applied Electronics As per Statutes  
23. Diploma Programme in Sahityacharya in Sanskrit Language As per Statutes  
24. P.G.D.C. in Criminology & Police Science As per Statutes  
25. Oriental Classical language (Old Scheme) As per Statutes  
26. Proficiency, High Proficiency & Honoursin Sanskrit (New Scheme) As per Statutes  
27. P.G.D.C. in Sanskrit September  
28. Modern Indian Languages As per Statutes  
29. Diploma Programme in the Faculty of Medicine As per Statutes  
30. Preparatory Programme in Music
Bachelor in Music
As per Statutes
As per Statutes
31. Preparatory Programme in Fine Arts As per Statutes  
32. Bachelor in Fine Arts As per Statutes