Directorate of Internal Quality Assurance :- 

  1. To Prepare the Annual Report of the University and other Reports desired by UGC /NAAC /MHRD/State Government/University.
  2. To build and enhance the brand image of the University through various activities like developing Souvenirs, publications, promotional materials, organizing events etc.
  3. Networking and liaising with agencies/bodies, other higher educational institutions and accreditation bodies for quality assurance and enhancement. 
  4. Proposing and monitoring strategic interventions in system and processes for quality assurance, sustenance and enhancement.
  5. Enrichment of intellectual Capital by holding/collaborating/sponsoring training & development programmes/workshops/any other such state/national/international events for internal and/or external stakeholders of the University.
  6. Taking initiatives for adopting guidelines issued by bodies/agencies like UGC, MHRD, NAAC and other statutory bodies.