Regulation for Utilization of Contigency Grant Admissible to the Scholars Working Under the Scheme Of University Research Scholarship.

  1. The contingent grant of Rs. 3500/- for Sciences and Rs. 2000/- for Humanities and Social Sciences per annum in case of Ph.D. and Rs. 1500/- for Sciences and Rs. 1000/- p.a. for other subjects in the case of M. Phil. admissible to the Research Scholars working under the University Scheme of Research Scholarships shall be utilized on the following items with the approval of the Supervisor and the Vice-Chancellor :-
    1) Apparatus,Chemicals, Equipment, Books, Journals, Photostat copies and Micro films needed for the approved research project.
    2)Typing (including thesis), Stationery, Postage and computation or other assistance.
    3)Travel for field or research work, attending conferences and seminars within India.
  2. The contingent grant is not intended for meeting expenditure on furniture etc., items normally provided by the University and payment of examination or other fees.
  3. On termination of the scholarship, the apparatus, books and other non-consumable articles purchased out of the contingent grant will become the property of the University.
  4. For all expenditure out of the contingent grant, a certificate from the Supervisor and Head of the Post-Graduate Department to the effect that expenditure incurred was in furtherance of the approved research project will be necessary.
  5. The payment of contingent bills charged to the contingency of research scholars shall be made, within the budgetary provision, by the University on receipt of such bills duly supported by vouchers and expenditure approved and certified by the Supervisor and Head of the Department/Principal.
  6. The Scholars shall be entitled to actual first class railway fare each way or actual bus fare for journey by road, plus D.A. admissible under rules when he/she is deputed for tour or conferences or research meetings or in connection with his research work.