OC & MIL Scholarships :-

  1. These scholarships shall be awarded to the students securing the first positions in the Oriental Classical and Modern Indian Languages examinations at the rates shown against each, provided that the conditions laid down in these Statues are fulfilled by the candidates:-
    Name of the qualifying examination on the basis of which scholarships are awarded
    Name of the class/course in which scholarship will be payable
    a) Proficiency    High Proficiency    Rs. 20 p.m.
    b) High Proficiency    Honours    Rs. 25 p.m.
    c) Honours in Sanskrit    Sahityacharya    Rs. 30 p.m.
    Provided further that no scholarship shall be awarded to a student who is placed in the third division in the examination on the basis of which the scholarship is awarded.
  2. These scholarships are tenable from the date of admission of a student to the concerned class up to the last date of his next University examination after being on the rolls of an affiliated College or recognized institution of the University.
  3. The award of these scholarships shall be subject to the production of certificates to the following effect from the Head of the Institution in which the students are enrolled:-
    1) For regular attendance - except for reasons of illness, the scholarship holder must obtain 80% of the total number of class attendances; 
    2) Conduct certificate - a certificate to the effect that the scholarship holder's conduct has been satisfactory.  
  4. The scholarship shall stop forthwith when a student in receipt of the same gives up his studies during the period he is normally to remain on the rolls of an affiliated college or recognized institution provided that in the event of sanctioned migration. When he is admitted in any other institution affiliated to the University, the scholarship shall continue.
  5. A scholarship which has been forfeited may be re-awarded on the same conditions for the remaining of the term to the next student available in order of merit, subject to these Statutes.
  6. Scholarships to bracketed students shall be awarded as follows:-
    1) the total amount distributed should not exceed the amount provided in the budget; 
    2) if two students are bracketed for the first position, the scholarship shall be divided equally and awarded to both the students.