Order/Circular No/Letter Order/Circular No/Letter Date Subject
Request for Verification of User Profile on Samarth ERP. .  animated-new-image-0060  23 April 2024 Circular
 Request to update/complete User Profile on Samarth ERP by 30.04.2024. animated-new-image-0060  23 April 2024 Circular
Online training/workshop regarding implementation of File Management System, Transport Management System, and Inventory Management System.   28 March 2024 Circular
JU/E-Gov./23-24/727-755 (Reminder 2: Leave Management System in the Samarth ERP)   22 January 2024 Circular
Reminder: JU/E-Gov/23/478-577 (Leave Management System) 8 December 2023 Circular
JU/E-Gov./23/339-439 (Leave Management System) 3 November 2023 Circular