Vibrant event on the theme of “Viksit Bharat – Awareness Campaign”

The Theatre Club, University of Jammu organized a vibrant event on the theme of “Viksit Bharat – Awareness Campaign” on December 22nd 2023. The program was attended by Prof. Satnam Kour, Chairperson, Cluster Club, University of Jammu; Dr. Madhulika Singh, Coordinator of Theatre Club, University of Jammu and Prof. Suman Jamwal Coordinator of the Film Club, University of Jammu. Mrs. Ifra Kak, Cultural Officer, University of Jammu was also in attendance during the occasion.

The Club presented a “Nukkad Natak” in the University Campus which was based on the theme of “Apna Bharat Viksit Bharat”. The Act was supervised by Mr.

Ravinder Sharma and students from different departments of the University actively participated in it.




The Program was organized with the aim of spreading awareness among the student community regarding the “Viksit Bharat Abhiyan 2047” launched by our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi. The vision of the campaign encompasses various aspects of development which include good governance economic growth, social progress and environmental sustainability.




A devised performance (Production) based on original text by Dr N.D. Jamwal as “Allad Goli vir spahi” was prepared by the Theater Club. The performance was loved by all and received standing ovation by the audience. It was performed on the valedictory function of “Duggar Darpan”.