Interactive Session in the Seminar Hall of the Department of History

An interactive session was organized by the Theater Club, University of Jammu on 2nd March in the Seminar Hall of the Department of History. The resource person for the session was Shri Ravinder Kaul, eminent journalist, cultural critic and member International Association of Theater Critics. The session was presided over by Prof. Satnam Kour, Chairperson of the Club Cluster. Prof. Suman Jamwal HOD Department of History, Dr Sadaf Shah Coordinator of Literary Club, Dr Ripudaman Parihar, Faculty Department of Zoology and Ifra Kak, Cultural Officer DSW were also in attendance during the session.


Dr Madhulika Singh, Coordinator Theater Club, Inaugurated the session with a welcome address. She introduced the resource person Shri Ravinder Kaul by elaborating his illustrious achievements in the fields of art, culture and theater. Prof. Satnam Kour addressed the gathering and encouraged the students to participate enthusiastically in the activities of the club.

The resource person, Shri Ravinder Kaul who is also an alumnus of University of Jammu, gave an insightful talk on the different aspects of theater along with sharing his personal experiences and anecdotes. Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of theater and urged the members of the Club to pursue it diligently.

The session culminated with an interactive session where the resource person responded to the queries and concerns of the club members. The session was attended by members of the faculty, scholars and students. The students benefitted greatly from the wide experiences shared by Shri Ravinder Kaul.

Interaction of students with Sh. Ravinder Koul