Aiming to provide a platform to cultivate and exhibit talent, The Music Club shall be the fraternity of all the music lovers in University of Jammu. It will promote music culture and instills a passion for music amongst the students and employees of the University. The club will conduct various activities throughout the year and shall have an existence in all the big and small events taking place in the University, since everything feels incomplete without a touch of music in it. It is going to be one of the most prestigious and reputable cultural clubs of the University and it will be the abode of all students and employees who are willing to learn, perform, grow and network.


  • The Music Club shall aim to nurture the talent in every member and provide a conducive environment for mutual learning
  • It shall work on a belief that each individual has something to offer and through mentorships, jams, competitions and events the club strives to polish skills, share knowledge and spread musical joy
  • To concentrate on Individual as well as overall development of the Club
  • To take the University to achieve new heights of Music by representing University in various Inter-University, Inter-District, Inter-State and National Level events
  • To organize theme based workshops for the students for improving their understanding of the realm of music
  • To develop vocational skills among the students and employees for in the field of Music with the motive of “Earn while you Learn
  • To offer Music Courses as optional choice based courses to the students