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Estab./23/18129-228 (Computer Type Test of Junior Assistants promoted against 17% quota) Notice
Accounts/Salary/2023/3429-78 (Salary bills of Contractual Lecturers/Teaching Assistants) Circular
Estab./23/17851-950 (HRDC, JU is renamed ) Order
Estab./23/17405-504 (Superannuation) Circular
Estab/23/17135-234 (Email with domain Order
Adm/TW/23/3252-3300 (Superannuation of Professors) Order
Estab./23/17135-234 Dated 09-11-2023 (Use email with a Order
Adm/TW/23/3301-51 (Superannuation of Faculty Member/Officer) Order , NOC profoma
An open sale of journals has been organized by the Department of Zoology, JU Circular
Estab./23/7825-925 (Mega Startup Igniter-23) Circular
Estab./23/7724-824 Dated 06-11-2023 (Mega Startup Event Igniter-23) Circular
JU/e-Gov./23/339-439 (Leave Management System) Circular
Estab./23/17355-454 (Official Travel Agency: M/s Balmer Lawrie & Company Limited, New Delhi) Circular
Estab/2023/17255-354 (Dr. Vikram Singh Sahi and Dr. Ashwin Kumar Kushwaha--------as Content Manager and Asstt. Content Manager of University of Jammu Website respectively) Order
Estab./23/17455-62 (Nodal Officers in respect of BLCL, New Delhi---Official travel agency) Order
Estab/2023/17155-254 (Dr. Ginny Dogra, as Incharge Director, DIQA) Order
Estab./2023/17055-154 (Prof. Arvind Jasrotia, Dept. of Law -----Rector Kathua Campus) Order
Estab./23/16795-894 (Attendance on Biometric machines) Circular
Implementation of Biometric Attendance in Phased manner, JU Circular
JR(F)/23/997-1000 (GP Fund account) Circular
F.Acd./II/11072-11106 (Interdisciplinary Board of Studies for FYUG Programme "Design Your Degree") Notification
F.Acd./I/23/10961-10974 (B.D.S. Programme) Notification
Estab/23/16058-168 (A) (Mega Start-up event "ÏGNITOR", 2023) Notification
Circular regarding Leave Management System Under Samarth ERP Circular
Adm/TW/23/2916-65 (Prof. Neelu Rohmetra, Dean Research Studies and Prof. Pankaj Kumar Srivastava, Director, DDE) Order