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Estab/20/7466-565 (Academic Section UG) Order
Accounts/Salary/20/1680-1762 (Computation of tax on Salary/ Pension 2020-21) Circular
Adm/TW/20/2327-76 (Superannuation) Order
Adm/TW/20/1984-2033 (Prof. Kuldeep Singh Charak) Order
F.Acd./I/20/2323-2335 (MIET) Order
Estab/20/6079-6178 (COVID-19) Circular
F.Acd./II/20/2127-2226 (Prof. Arvind Jasrotia) Notification
Estab/20/5845-5944 (COVID-19) Order
Estab/20/5510-609 (Promotions) Order
F.Acd/I/20/2108-2122 (MIER) Order (01-09-2020) , Order (18-09-2020)
Estab/20/4495-5494 (Guidelines and Instructions on Lockdown) Order
Adm/TW/20/1703-52 (Seed Grant) Circular
Adm/TW/20/1753-1802 (Disbursement of TA) Circular
DIQA/JU/20/491-512 (MOnthly Report of activities/ achievements) Circular
Estab/20/4091-4190 (Children Education Allowance) Circular
DAA/20/7105-60 (Depostion of admission fee as well as reduction in fee) Order
Estab.NTW/C&R/20/641-47 (Modified qualification for the post of Administrator (GZSA)) Order
JU/IA/20/745-800 (Compliance Audit Report) Circular
MANODARPAN Psychological Support for Mental Health & Well Being during COVID outbreak and beyond Circular
F.Acd/I/20/1136-1215 (Statute of Re-evaluation) Circular
Adm/TW/20/1062-1111 (Dr. Roopma Gandotra) Order
Adm/TW/20/1112-62 (Dr. Kamal K Kapoor) Order
F.Acd/I/20/457 (Prof. Prakash Anthal) Notification
Estab/20/2481-2580 (86th University Council Preponement) Order
Adm/TW/20/895-944 (CAS) Circular