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PBH/23/286(Applications for Resident Warden in the boys' hostels is withdrawn) Circular
Adm/TW/2023/170-220(Issuance of Health I-Card) Circular
F.Acd/III/23/206-220(Updated phase-wise Academic Calendar and Curriculum for 2022-23 batch of MBBS) Notification
PBH/23/275(Apply for Resident Warden in the Boys Hostels) Circular
Estab/2023/06-105(3-Day Mega Event w.e.f April 5-7, 2023) Circular
Adm/TW/23/7321-7370 (Dr. Garima Gupta, Associate Professor, Dept of English) Order
HCJU/23/1778-79 (Medical examination of food handlers) Circular
DRS/JU/23/8459-8505(External Examiner online for the Viva voce exam of the Ph.D Scholars) Notification
Estab/23/34089-188 (Class IV employee promoted to Jr. Asstt) Order
F.Acd/I/23/13048-13127 (Environmental Science as Core subject at UG level) Notification
Adm/TW/23/7189-7230 (Gandhian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies) Order
F.Acd/I/23/12967-12979 (Change of nomenclature of MDP in Rural Development) Notification
F.Acd/I/23/12771-12850(Nature of Powers pertaining to Examination services) Notification
F.Acd./22/12855-12934 (Conduct of MDP 2nd Sem exam.) Circular
Estab/23/32980-33079(Creation of CPIS ids of all JU employees) Circular
Estab/23/33080-179 (Information Reqd. w.r.t implementation of JKHRMS) Circular
Estab/23/33180-279 (Impementation of JKHRMS---Most Urgent) Circular
F.Acd/I/23/12662-12741(Deptt. of Foreign languages in JU) Notification
F.Acd/I/23/12749-12763(Master of Performing Arts programme in IMFA) Notification
Estab/23/32337-436 (Claim Children Education Allowance/ Hostel Subsidy, 2022-23) Circular
Estab/23/32152-59 (Deputation to UT of Ladakh in favour of JU Officer/Officials) Order
Estab/23/32103-109 (Secretariat Asstt. Course Examination) Order
F.Acd/II/23/12388-12467(Principal, Indira Gandhi Govt. Dental College, Jammu) Notification
F.Acd/I/23/12217-12296 (Change in the nomenclature of Directorate of Distance Education) Notification
F.Acd/I/23/12135-12214 (UGC Guidelines for pursuing Two Academic Programmes Simulataneously) Notification