Department Of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics


The Department of Mathematics was started in 1966 with a Master’s Degree Programme in Mathematics. The department is quite active and is there on the international map of mathematics. The publication track of each faculty member speaks about the quality work carried out by them. In the field of teaching, the department has too established itself at national level as the department has produced more than 42 NET/JRF students. To create mathematical awareness in this part of the country and to give a necessary exposure to our researchers, in 1990 the Jammu Mathematical Society was formed. It organizes national and international conferences/seminars/ workshops in collaboration with other national and international Mathematical Societies. We have been organizing annual conferences of the Jammu Math. Soc. regularly since its inception. For college and school students of this region, the society organizes mathematical competitions and one day student’s conferences annually. Thus the department has been marching ahead in the direction of academic excellence and is committed to keep its march on as the excellence is a direction, not a destination. The departmental profile is prepared to present the salient facts and achievements of the department to develop an intimate familiarity with the department.

Objectives of the Department:

The main objective of the department is to provide the quality education in mathematics in this part of the country so as to bring the department at the international map of mathematics. Though we have been successful to some extent in achieving the excellence both in teaching and research but still we need to cover a long distance as there is no end to the journey towards excellence.

Name Designation Qualification Specialization Contact Info.
Prof. Romesh Kumar Professor and Head Ph.D. Functional Analysis/Complex Analysis /Operator Theory E-mail: Mobile No.: 7780857102
Prof. K.S. Charak Professor Ph. D. Complex Analysis/Normal Families E-mail: Mobile No.: 9419207383
Dr. Abdul Khaliq Associate Professor Ph. D. Applied Functional Analysis E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419201114
Dr. Shallu Sharma Associate Professor Ph.D. Functional Analysis /Operator Theory E-mail: Mobile No.: 9469212553
Dr. Tirth Ram Associate Professor Ph.D. Applied Functional Analysis E-mail: Mobile No.: 9149789188
Dr. Sarika Verma Associate Professor PhD Geometric Function Theory, Harmonic Mappings E-mail: Mobile No.: +91 9780354272
Dr. Manish Kumar Assistant Professor PhD Complex Analysis, Normal Families E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: +91 9596683990
Dr. Tarun Kumar Chauhan Assistant Professor PhD General Topology and its Applications, Function Space Topologies E-mail: Mobile No.: +91 9675345464
Dr. Sahil Billawria Contractual Lecturer Ph.D. Functional Analysis/ Topological Vector Spaces E-mail: Mobile No.: 9697616298
Dr. Sehar Shakeel Raina Contractual Lecturer Ph.D. General Topology and Applications E-mail: Mobile No.: 9682533289