Department of Dogri

University of Jammu has the honour of being one and the only University in India, which offers Post Graduate Programme in Dogri (language, literature and research). Research work on various aspects of the language, literature, culture, history and folklore is being conducted by the Department.

The Post-Graduate Department of Dogri started its functioning in the University of Jammu in form of Dogri Research Cell in the year 1971 with one post of Senior Fellow in Dogri.  During this period Prof. Ram Nath Shastri, who was the Senior Fellow in Dogri made some important contributions in form of Dogri renderings of some valuable Sanskrit works.  In 1975 this Research Cell was upgraded as Dogri Research Centre & then Dr. Bal Krishan Shastri joined as Director-cum-Senior Fellow in Dogri. Dr. Veena Gupta joined the Research Centre as Fellow in Dogri in 1976.  After the retirement of Dr. Bal Krishan Shastri, Dr. Champa Sharma joined the Centre in December, 1980 as Director cum Senior Fellow in Dogri.  The Centre produced quality research work in the field of Linguistics, Grammar, Literary Criticism, Poetics etc.   One major research work entitled Dogri Nikas te Vikas (Origin and Development of Dogri language) was completed by the then Director-cum-Senior Fellow Dr. Bal Krishan Shastri and a book entitled “Hindi-Dogri Conversational Guide” written by Dr. Veena Gupta, Fellow-in-Dogri was also got published.

The Centre also produced two Ph.Ds in Dogri and got published 7 books including two volumes of its research journal namely Dogri Shodh.  The Centre was also used to give coaching to the students of Shiromani i.e. Honours in Dogri.  It also organized a three week national workshop on Phonetics and Dogri Phonology in December, 1982-January, 1983.
Later in August 1983, the Dogri Research Centre was upgraded as Post-Graduate Department of Dogri. Since then, the department has been producing quality research work in the field of linguistics, grammar, literary criticism, poetics etc. 

The department takes the responsibility of providing research material to its students and scholars engaged in their research activities. In this connection, the department has been publishing its Annual Research Journal, entitled Dogri Shodh since 1981. Till date it has published its 20 volumes.

Name Designation Qualification Specialization Contact Info.
Prof. Sushma Sharma Professor & Head M.A. (Dogri), B.Ed, Ph.D. Folklore, Literature, Children Literature, Criticism & translation E-mail: drsushmasharmadogri@gmail.comEPABX: 2399 Mobile No.: 09419245960
Dr. Padam Dev Singh Assistant Professor M.A. (Dogri), Ph.D. Folk lore, Literature, Literary Criticism, Children Literature & Translation E-mail: padam.malhar@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 7780942556
Dr. Sandeep Dubey Assistant Professor M.A. & M.Phil (Dogri), Ph.D. Folk Lore, Literature, Linguistics, Literary Criticism, Children Literature & Translation E-mail: sandeepsufi2021@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419167405