About the Centre

Based on the Social, Economic and Political thought of Mahatma Gandhi, The Centre Primarily works towards the promotion of Gandhian philosophy and values through Experiential Learning. The major objectives are:

1. To sensitise and facilitate the inculcation of Gandhian Values among the younger generation by familiarizing them with the life and works of Mahatma Gandhi.

2. To acquaint the stakeholders with Gandhian Thought and Action and involve them in programs, research and field work, based on extension and outreach activities along with component of Constructive Work.

3. To foster social responsibility and community engagement through different activities.

4. To make students acquainted with the Peace philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and other Great Leaders like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

5. To familiarize the students regarding the non-violent approaches of Conflict Resolution.

6. To orient the students regarding the promotion of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

7. To create a pool of expertise by developing contacts with experts in Gandhian Studies and peace education for advancing the activities of the Centre.

8. To set up networks and engage in collaborations for the promotion of Gandhian studies, peace education and sustainable development.