Post Graduate Department of Urdu

شعبئہ اردو جموں یونی ورسٹی 

The Department of Urdu came into existence in the year 1965 as a full-fledged department of the Jammu Division of the erstwhile University of Jammu & Kashmir. At the initial stages of existence, the department was threatened by the non-availability of students and scholars and as such University Council had therefore to allow department to run its classes in the evening. This shift to the evening timing also enhanced the number of the students. With the passage of the time, research gained momentum and in 1972, the first scholar of the department was awarded Ph.D. Prof. Gian Chand Jain, internationally known scholar of Urdu language was the first Head of the Department and Prof. J.N Azad, latter on glorified this department internationally.

In the field of teaching and research the department has established itself at national level as the department has produced more than 88 NET/ JRF students. This is actually the outcome of the major revision of course done in 2007- national level courses. The department has not compromised with these courses even during CBCS adaptation- the department accepted to increase the number of credits -104.

The Department of Urdu has the honor to give educational administrators to the university system like Registrar, Controller of Examination, Dean of the faculty, Member of the university council, Academic Advisor to the Vice Chancellor and Director offsite campuses.

The department of Urdu has been trying to be on the path of academic excellence in future also.


Name Designation Qualification Specialization Contact Info.
Prof. Mohd. Reyaz Ahmad Professor and Head M.A, M.Phil, Phd Urdu Fiction , Literary Movements and Trends, Classical Fiction E-mail: reyazahmedju@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 7889957707
Prof. Shohab Inayat Malik Professor M.A, M.Phil, Phd Urdu Literature in J&K, Classical Poetry E-mail: profshohab.malik@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419181351
Dr. Chaman Lal Assistant Professor M.A, M.Phil, Phd Classical Literature, Urdu Fiction, Urdu Drama E-mail: drchamanlal2005@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 7006841365
Dr. Abdul Rashid Manhas Assistant Professor M.A, M.Phil, Phd Urdu Literature in J&K, Urdu Fiction E-mail: Mobile No.: 9149652271
Dr. Farhat Shamim Assistant Professor M.A, M.Phil, Phd History of Urdu language and Literature, Urdu Ghazal , Urdu Short Story E-mail: farhatreyaz@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9086091522