Research Scholarships :-

  1. Subject to availability of funds, six research scholarships per year each post-graduate Course in a Department which has been authorized to enrol scholars for carrying research leading to the award of Ph. D. Degree.
  2. The value of each scholarship shall be Rs. 5000/- per month. Each scholarship shall be tenable for a period of three years from the dte the scholar starts research work in a Department of the University (including probationary training period). In addition each scholarship shall carry an annual grant of Rs. 3,500/- for Sciences and Rs. 2,000/- for Humanities including Social Sciences for meeting authorized contingent expenditure connected with the research work in accordance with the Regulations prescribed in this behalf.
    A.The value of University Research Scholarship for M. Phil. Programme.
    S.No. Item Revised
    1. Value of each Research Scholarship Rs. 5000/- per month
    2. Contingent Grant
    i) For Science Subject
    ii) For Humanities including Social Science Subjects.

    Rs. 1500/- p.a.
    Rs. 1000/- p.a.
  3. The scholar shall comply with all statutory requirements prescribed for registration for the Degree of Ph. D.
  4. Regulation No. 4 deleted vide U.C.R. No. 51 of 24.7.1986
  5. The selected scholar shall not accept or hold appointment, paid or otherwise, during the tenure of the award. He may, with the approval of his Supervisor and the Head of the Department concerned, undertake an approved teaching assignment of five to six hours in a week in the University without accepting any additional remuneration.
  6. No research scholar shall without the previous permission of the Board of Research Studies concerned join any other course of study or appear at any other examination conducted by the University or a public body.
  7. A scholar shall be eligible to get only one scholarship at a time. Before the scholarship is awarded, the scholar shall be required to submit an undertaking to the effect that he/she is not in receipt of any scholarship or stipend from the state or the Central Government or University Grants Commission or any other agency. Scholars enjoying any other scholarship or stipend shall be required to surrender it forthwith if selected for award of this scholarship.
  8. The scholarship shall be sanctioned by the DRS on the recommendation of a DRS each year. Applications for the research scholarships shall be made by the candidates on the prescribed form Appendix-A and shall be forwarded by the Heads of the Departments to the DRS alongwith the recommendation of the DRS in each case.
  9. The research scholar shall complete the full period of research work viz. three years, in the event of a scholar discontinuing before the completion of the period without previous permission of the Vice-Chancellor, he/she shall be liable to refund the entire amount received by him/her. If a scholar, due to one reason or the other, is not in a position to complete the full period of award, he should send his/her application for leaving the scheme and obtain the permission of the DRS before actually relinquishing the award. If the DRS considers that the reasons given are valid and satisfactory, the scholar may be released from the scheme and the condition for the recovery of the scholarships paid to him/her may be waived.
  10. Normally the research scholar shall have to complete the research project in a subject by him and approved by the University authorities within three years from the date of commencement of the research work under guidance of the Supervisor, and this period can be extended upto six months in case of genuine and special cases by the University on the recommendation of the Supervisor and the Head of the Department concerned.
  11. The scholarship for a particular month shall be paid to the scholar in the first week of the following month through the Head of the Department where he/she is working on presentation on a bill.
  12. The research scholar shall have to present to the University six monthly report of his work through his Supervisor who shall give his remarks about the progress of the work.
  13. A scholar under this scheme is entitled to enjoy one month's leave in a year in addition to the general holidays with the approval of his/her Supervisor and the Head of the Department. This includes all kinds of leave i.e. casual leave, earned leave, etc. The general holidays do not, however, include the vacations i.e. summer and winter. The year for this purpose is reckoned from the date of award of the scholarship. In extraordinary circumstances, such as serious illness, etc. leave without remuneration may be granted with the approval of the DRS.
  14. The DRS shall be competent to suspend or withdraw a scholarship if it is reported that the progress or conduct of a scholar has not been satisfactory.
  15. The women awardees may be permitted by the DRS, on the recommendation of the Supervisor and the Head of the Department concerned, to avail of maternity leave to the extent of six months once during the tenure of Scholarship.