JU organises a Hands-On Workshop for research

In a pioneering  initiative, the P.G.Department of Education, in collaboration with Comparative Education Society of India (CESI), Research Interest Group (RIG) 12: Comparative Education, organised a Hands-On Workshop for research scholars of P.G.Department of Education. The main theme of the hands-on workshop was “Qualitative and Quantitative Research”. The objective of the workshop was to enable the research scholars to share their knowledge and acquaint themselves with varied concepts of qualitative and quantitative research. 

The  members present in the workshop were Prof. (Dr.) Renu Nanda, Head, P.G. Department of Education, University of Jammu, Dr. Kajal Devi Manhas, Faculty and Ms. Minakshi Choudhary, Faculty, P.G. Department of Education, University of Jammu. The workshop also had on board, Prof. Kulwinder Singh, Professor of Education, Department of Education, Panjabi University, Patiala. 

The workshop began with a welcome address by Mr. Mulkraj, research scholar, P.G. Department of Education, University of Jammu, wherein he extended his warm greetings and reception to the gathering and welcomed them for having culling out the time to grace the occasion. There were a total of six presenters in the workshop who discussed diverse topics related to qualitative and quantitative research. 

After all the presentations by the research scholars concluded, there was an interactive question/answer session. During the interactive session, the participants of the workshop raised their queries/doubts which were duly addressed by the presenters. After the interaction session culminated, the participants gave their feedback and expressed their gratitude to the concerned members of the workshop, for this opportunity also how this workshop opened their mind and thoughts towards different avenues of research (quantitative and qualitative). Post feedback from the participants, Prof. Kulwinder Singh, expressed his immense happiness towards this hand- on workshop for and by research scholars, and that education is a two – way learning process and both, the teacher and learner learn from each other. Dr. Kajal Kalsi, gave her vote of -thanks where she expressed her gratitude and thanked Prof. Renu Nanda for initiating this hands- on workshop and giving her and the research scholars, the opportunity to share their knowledge and be the worthy advocates of research and education, and that, this is how the future workshops or programmes should be organised, so that they can be as interactive as possible. 

The concluding remarks were given by Prof. (Dr.) Renu Nanda, where she held immense pride for research scholars in taking up such initiatives and she expects more such programmes in future to enhance and hone the skills in research.