University of Jammu Celebrates International Biodiversity Day organized by Science Club with Zoology Department

In continuation of the announcement of the celebration of International Biodiversity Day, through a special broadcast on the community radio, 91.2 FM Dhwani JU made on 21 May, 2024, the Science Club, under the aegis of Utsaah, in collaboration with Department of Zoology, University of Jammu today hosted an expert talk over the radio, with renowned entomologist and environment specialist, Professor Jagbir Singh Kirti. The broadcast also included an interactive session with the young individuals of the community, discussing various aspects of biodiversity and strategies to raise awareness locally and globally.

International Biodiversity Day is an event sanctioned by the United Nations that is aimed at increasing understanding and awareness of surrounding issues of biodiversity. It serves as a global platform to promote the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity.

4749871In his expert talk, Professor Jagbir Singh Kirti, a leading entomologist and environmentalist, shared his insightful views and quotes from the ancient Indian scriptures on how the concept of biodiversity is inherent and part of Indian tradition which is vanishing with time.  And it is high time for all of us to realize that we need to conserve the culture and those ancient texts and folklores need to be kept in trend and revive. He gave an eye-opening view from his firsthand knowledge of the explored and unexplored places in India endowed with rich biodiversity. He further discussed the current state of global biodiversity, the challenges it faces, and the crucial steps needed to preserve it. His expertise and passion for the subject show promise in providing listeners with a deeper understanding of the importance of biodiversity.

In the “Voice of Youth” session, the program featured a dynamic participation by young environmental enthusiasts from Department of Zoology. This segment allowed the youth to engage in discussion, ask pressing questions, and share their perspectives on biodiversity. Ms. Tanishq Kour provided an introduction and spoke on the importance of biodiversity. 564456Ms. Deepanjali Slathia, shared about aquatic ecosystems and toxicological effects on them. Ms. Samiksha Sharma, through the ongoing discussions, emphasized on terrestrial ecosystems, explained various toxicological implications to the environment and ways to mitigate them. The discussion focused on practical ways to raise awareness and encourage action within the communities and beyond.

The program was coordinated by Dr Chinmoyee Maharana, and she acknowledged Prof. Satnam Kour, Chairperson, Utsaah, The Clubs, University of Jammu, for her encouragement, Prof. Monika Chadha, the Convener, Dhwani JU for her constant support and appreciated the efforts of RJ Tushar Bharadwaj during the recording and hosting the special broadcast on International Biodiversity Day.