JU organizes lecture on "Total Quality Management in Libraries"

Department of Library and Information Sciences, University of Jammu organized a captivating lecture on "Total Quality Management in Libraries" The lecture was delivered by Dr. Mahendra Singh, DLIS, University of Rajasthan.

Dr. Mahender Singh Rao, an  expert in library science, shared invaluable insights into the principles and practices of Total Quality Management (TQM) specifically tailored for libraries. Drawing from his extensive experience Dr. Rao highlighted the significance of TQM in enhancing library services, optimizing resources, and meeting the evolving needs of patrons in the digital age.

Dr. Rao emphasized the importance of aligning library operations with the goal of delivering superior service quality, thereby enriching the academic and research experience for students, faculty, and researchers.

Prof. Sangita Gupta, Head, DLIS University of Jammu expressed her gratitude to Dr. Mahendra Singh Rao for his illuminating presentation and praised his dedication to motivate the young minds.

The lecture witnessed enthusiastic participation from faculty members Dr Pramod Kumar Singh, Dr Bindu, Mr. Ashwin Kushwaha, Dr Reenu Arti, scholars and students, who actively engaged in discussion.