Department of Physics @JU observed National Science Day

The Department of Physics at University of Jammu organized an event to celebrate the National Science Day on 28th of February, 2024. The main highlights of the event were engaging discussions, captivating poster display and enlightening talks and poetry on the theme "Indigenous Technologies, Scientific Innovations for Sustainable Future of Viksit Bharat". Contributions highlighted the spirit of scientific inquiry and mark the remarkable contributions of Indian scientists to the world and the role of youth towards materializing the vision of Viksit Bharat @2047. Welcome address was presented by the event coordinator Prof. Ramni Gupta. She addressed the gathering with the role of educational institutions in an individual’s personality development that channelise the energy of youth making them achieve the common goal of Viksit Bharat @2047. She further emphasized on taking small steps for achieving our dreams and not to be embarassed by the failures rather to learn from them and continue further. On the importance of the organization of such activities the head of the Physics department,


Prof. Arun Bharti said a firm belief and accepting the home grown technology (Made in India) would continue to unlock people vast potential and make this country a developed one.
Students of postgraduate programme in Physics and scholars of the department participated and attended the event enthusiastically. Miss Neha a Ph.D. research scholar spotlighted how women now a days had entered the field of science technology and innovation shattering the glass ceiling and sticky floors earlier associated with them. Students of first semester of M.Sc. Physics programme, Mr. Nakul, Mr. Danish , Mr. Sabir and Mr Shubam stressed on how our nation's rich legacy of scientific achievements can help us to pave the path of progress. They highlighted the contributions of Sir C.V. Raman, Homi J Bhaba and S.N Bose in the field of physical sciences. Ms. Arpita elaborated the role of upcoming technologies like application of robotics in medicine, agriculture and defence, Artificial Intelligence in making of Viksit Bharat. She further reaffirmed our commitment to help in advancing in the field of science and building a brighter and more sustainable future for the generations to come. Poetry by Anuradha paid attention on how
introducing more women in science can result in more diverse and equitable scientific community now and in times to come. Students of the out going semester like Ms. Damini Barnala presented a talk where she highlighted how science empowers progress in countless ways including advancements in medicines to innovations in technology. Students of out going semester Mr. Kanhaiya Sharma and Ms. Sultana Fareed presented a vibrant journey of Ancient Indian science to the proposed future of bright and developed Bharat. The focus of the presentation was on how Indians evolved from snake charmersto the game changers. Their presentation stressed that eliminating the notions that hinder our understanding of one another and the world and by embracing our differences and shared humanity we can unlock full potential of science. Ms. Sheetal Thappa brought into view that by harnessing the power of science to advance the sustainable development goals we can build a prosperous and harmonious society. Posters prepared by the students of the department were put to exhibit in the corridors of the department. Earlier in the day a small workshop on the career counselling was conducted by Ramji Coaching Classes, Gandhi Nagar. The workshop emphasized the importance of
reading, skill improvement, and the avoidance of corruption for personal and collective growth. Ramji Coaching classes partially sponsored the activity of National Day celebrations. Dr. Ridham Bakshi the co-coordinator, presented the vote of thanks and expressed her gratitude to all participants for gracing the occassion with contributions and participation. The event was hosted by Ms Shivani Rasgotra and Ms. Moti.