World Kindness Day celebration organised by NSS unit of DDE, JU

The NSS unit of DDE, University of Jammu celebrated ‘World Kindness Day’ on 13th November, 2021. The purpose of the event was to instil the volunteers with a desire to show kindness to the world around them. The world kindness day is celebrated  in different parts of the world on November  13. Through different acts of kindness, people show how important it is to be kind to not only humans, but also plants, animals and other organisms. Being kind not only makes the person or animal who gets fair treatment happy,  but is also a source of smile for the one who expresses kindness. It is what makes us humans.To make the day more meaningful, the volunteers were encouraged to show any act  of kindness and send pictures, which were collected through a google form. Eighteen  volunteers participated in the event with impressive entries (pictures) and slogans likeKindness doesn’t  need a day  to  celebrate , it should   be celebrated everyday’, ‘spend time with elders and kids’, ‘Don't waste food, instead feed the one who needs it’, ‘Be kind whenever possible,’ ‘Try to be kind with your street animals’, ‘Always be kind to everyone especially to animals because  they never tell anyone that they are hungry or  thirsty . Always feed them and if possible please adopt them as they are so lovable’, ‘A warm smile is the universal language of kindness’ etc.The volunteers shared the beautiful moments they had spent on feeding the street animals, domestic animals, being with the elderly and kids in the family, feeding the street children, teaching the elderly, giving first aid to  injured animals etc.The event was organized under the overall supervision of convener NSS Prof. Neeru Sharma and was coordinated by Dr. Neelam Choudhary, NSS Programme Officer, DDE unit of NSS. Compilation was done by volunteer Manpreet Singh