(UOJSPVF) Starts 2nd Batch of Innovation, Ideation Start-Up Program

University of Jammu Special Purpose Vehicle Foundation (UOJSPVF) started the second Batch of Innovation, Ideation Startup Programme. The Inauguration was done by Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu; Prof.Manoj Kumar Dhar.  Prof. Dhar said that the initiative is aimed at providing the varsity students a platform to develop entrepreneurial ideas; university wants their students to be job providers. He motivated the students to develop an individual course trajectory and discover what should be the career and arduous in achieving it in the global era .He said that the vision of starting a new startup should be unique and innovative. He motivated the students by sharing some remarkable success stories of successful entrepreneurs. The impressive gathering saw the presence of Satyanarayana Moharana, Advisor –New Initiatives, Electronics Sector Skills Council of India. He  provided insights to the students as to how Electronics Sector Skills Council of India envisions enabling a world class electronics manufacturing industry with an ecosystem for skill development and enhance employability of the large number of Indian human resource.Dr.Sachin A.Verma, Asst.Vice President Human Capital was also present at the workshop, He motivated the participants regarding how one can lead in life and business by their best talent and how one can make a difference by solving real life problems and can start a new startup by their unique idea. The event was attended by Virender Dhiman, Regional Manager –North, N.S.D.C. He motivated the Participants by encouraging them how to avail and create opportunities for the development of talent within the country and improve the overall scope and space for underdeveloped sectors by their entrepreneurial skills. He elaborated that this programme is initial step of training and after this successful participants of this program would be trained by various national and globally acclaimed experts too including industrial training. Prof Dhar encouraged the students to be Job Creators rather than being Job Seekers as this is the need of the era. Earlier, Prof.Parikshat Singh Manhas Director & CEO of Special Purpose Vehicle Foundation (UOJSPVF) the convener/ Coordinator of the 2ndBatch of Innovation, Ideation Startup Programme. delivered a welcome address and stated that this program aimed at providing the pathways to the participants how to be the perfect entrepreneur of the present time. He discussed the basic aim behind organizing such programs and discussed the vision of UOJSPVF. Prof. Manhas encouraged the young minds by proffering examples of successful entrepreneurs who had started in started their enterprises from a single step and are renowned globally.

He explained that this Program is a free program being organized with an aim to give direction and path to Young entrepreneurs so that they can get their ideas and venture out to the next level through structured learning.The program would cover lessons on key areas of starting up an entity through its extensive course material and assignments. He further elaborated that the Students are expected to submit a detailed business plan at the end of the program and work upon it to create a successful business.

Chartered Accountant (CA) Sahil Malhotra and CA Akhileshwar Salathia were the resource persons on the occasion. They explained the need and  benefits of entrepreneurship and Startups and elaborated on how they can  create and provide employment opportunities to Youngsters by creating platform of jobs for unemployed youth by converting their idea into purposeful startup. The resource persons provided an insight on the Government's Vision on Launching The Start-up India program. They explained the 19 point Action Plan Lay Down by the Government of India. Also various intricacies of the Start Up's were explained to the students.

 At the end of the programme Prof.Parikshat Singh Manhas Director & CEO of Special Purpose Vehicle Foundation (UOJSPVF) stressed upon the students to take upthe Startup Programme keeping into consideration the increased demand of the entrepreneurial skill in job industry. With his expansion Knowledge he elaborated the advancement of the  entrepreneurial skill to match the current industry requirements in all Sector industry.

The programme was coordinated by Ms.Vatsala Jyoti.