Department of Geography was established in 1988, thus, considered as one of the youngest department in northern India. Since 1988, department has made immense contribution in generating new knowledge in physical as well as human geography and was supported by DST, FIST in 2016. It is the only department in the country that had first introduced Glacial Geomorphology and Mountain Geography as one of the courses at post graduate level. As a result, lot of research work has been carried out on the glaciers of J&K, Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh. Present research focuses on Himalayan resources evaluation and management wherein the emphasis is on Agriculture, forest ecology, population, gender studies, tourism, regional planning, geomorphology, hydrology, cultural geography & environmental management.

Name Designation Qualification Specialization Contact Info.
Dr. Mohd. Sarfaraz Asgher Professor & Head Ph. D. Environment Planning & Management, Geomorphology and Hydrology E-mail:, Mobile No.: 9419134864
Prof. Anuradha Sharma Professor Ph.D. Resource Evaluation & Gender Studies E-mail: anujammu2012@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419156872
Dr. Shashi Prabha Associate Professor Ph. D. Agriculture Geography E-mail: sprabhaju@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419106569
Dr. InderJeet Singh Assistant Professor Ph. D. Agriculture Geography, Remote Sensing & GIS E-mail: indergeogju@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9906007392
Ms. Suman Kumari Assistant Professor M.Sc./JRF Gender Studies, Social Geography E-mail: sumankushwaha007@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9596915505